Rob Gasser, Harley Bird, Cliques and many more…

T & Sugah and Zazu’s Drum & Bass record label and events brand ‘High Tea Music’ returns with another mesmerizing album demonstrating the many talents within their roster.

From Amsterdam to cities all across the globe, High Tea Music has shown how they’ve influenced the international drum & bass scene whilst welcoming producers and dj’s from across this ecosystem into their fold. This is demonstrated through their back catalog of releases, featuring artists such as Blvck Crowz, NCT and Monrroe. As well as their many sold out events all across the Netherlands, with the first side venture into the neighboring German territory.

With their forthcoming album ‘Chamomile’ highlighting the diversity they have at their disposal. Including names such as Houndeye, Josh Lovis, [BORDERS], Drum Dad & Bass Boy, Pansa Now who’ve already made their mark under the High Tea banner, there’s a host of newcomers to High Tea, such as Rob Gasser, CLIQUES, Astreaux, RUEBIK, Semaj, Harley Bird, KYRIPH, Vektral and Six Realms rounds off the complication. Chamomile is a blend of dancefloor & liquid Drum & Bass along with a couple of absolute Bangers!

The ‘Chamomile’ album is a new milestone for the label. Through new producers and familiar faces, they’re continuing to establish themselves, half a decade on from their first release.


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