Corona Info

Access with a test, vaccine or recovery

To have guaranteed access to our events, you’ll need a vaccine, recovery or negative result from a corona test. This test is allowed to be 24 hours old max. at the time of entrance. The free test appointment can be planned through the Coronacheck application to be found in all app-stores, or via; Make sure you get tested at one of the affiliated free test locations, not at the GGD as they will charge you a fee. An hour after you get tested you‘ll receive the test results. Try to plan your test appointment way beforehand, it will be busy in July.

If you tested negatively, we first want to congratulate you, we’re allowed to welcome you on our mini festival! When you receive the negative test result you get a so called pick-up-code in Dutch a ‘ophaalcode’. You’ll enter this code in the Coronacheck app. Retrieving this information can also be done by entering your DigiD (something almost all residents of the Netherlands need). The app will generate a proof of no-corona using your information. This proof will be a QR code which will be scanned at the entrance of ‘The Unitea’. Make sure to have your identity card/passport and ticket ready at the entrance too. This to make sure everything will go fast and you don’t have to miss your favourite song. From the start of July it is possible to use your vaccine as proof as well.

Last but not least, privacy. The person that will scan the QR code only will see a green or red screen. Not whether you tested negatively, you healed from corona in the past six months or if you are fully vaccinated. To check if the proof is really from you, our crew will only see the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name and your date of birth. Your data will not be saved and your location services won’t be used or saved.. For more info about testing and the rules, you can check out

Mind you: you can only use the Coronacheck app for one person. Every visitor will need an own phone with the app installed. No phone? You can also print out the QR code.

Enough rules now, time for some fun!